2020 Holiday Light Shows
2020 and COVID have tried to steal our joy but that is not going to happen. 

Halloween is in full play right now, with lights each night for a static display of skeleton horses and a werewolf. Plus each of our front windows has a little fun scene set up from the ghostly haunt in the front window, to the ghost disco. to the grim reaper meeting his covid guest in the other. On weekends we bring out the smoke machines to create an ery look of a haunted yard. 

UPDATE: We will be going dark for Halloween night. With the spike in COVID cases, we do not want to encourage any unsafe behavior. So Friday, October 30, will be our last night live. Sound and smoke and all the haunts of a fun Halloween will be going before we remove the display on Saturday. Be sure to drive by and check it out before it vanishes to the nether worlds until next year.   

Christmas 2020 is already on our minds, and we think this year just a drive through Trailridge Drive will be fun. We are doing our primary house and the neighbors up with our synchronized lights and music this year. So don't miss it. The inaugural show will be after sunset on Thanksgiving and continuing on through Christmas with our standard final 2020 show as we ring in the new year.

Let us know if you come by. We love to meet our fans and hear the joy of kids being gobsmacked by the lights.  Let's make sure we send 2020 out with lots of Joy from the Joy House on Trailridge and Oak Cliff Holiday Lights.